Past and possibly future

We sold our home in the states. We become home free for the summer. This winter we have done complete home building, thinking of almost nothing but building a home. So while Starbo can put on a mean skin, for now he is putting on a mean roof.

Re-skin your drum with Gypsy Chant Drums. We tighten verticals.
Re-skin your drum with Starbo. He also tightens verticals and adds diamonds.

Tiny ho

Feeling the Earth on an Island

The world finds it interesting you are still here but make no mistake, it does not care if you are gone.

The path

Fresh. Alive. Raw.

Heartbeat of nature. Breeze.
Stars. Shooting stars brightly soaring thru the sky.
Not looking to soften life. No pretending the world is here for you. This planet is ticking no matter if you are here or not, it is not concerned with your well being. You need to be concerned with its well being.
An enduring bitter love affair with this island (St John in Virgin Islands). It sucks you into its folds, tumbles you along its roads. You don’t get to decide if you like it or not until it releases you from its clutches. This is the hate.
When you eventually come up for air, when you take a gulp of its oxygen, you get to decide if you smile or cry. Be sure to go with what ever emotion is pulling at you. When you want to cry, do so with all your might, when you want to smile, smile with all your heart. This is the place to let go. You will find that this island completely understands all of your emotions. It completely understand hate, love, indifference, idol worship, friendship, jealousy, betrayal, loyalty.  Let the emotion carry you to the shore, lay down and rest and reflect, let your RAW being feel everything while resting. This the the love.
You are safe for now, safe because you have connected to that part of you that was running away from yourself.  You are safe until you travel down a next road.
The island seems to want you here, It wants you to stomp your feet till you get your way. Its the earths way to receive a lot of massaging of its energy waves, thru the stomping, because it knows you will not get your way easily or quickly. This island is indifferent to you, whether you leave or not. It knows if you leave then another will come to lap up the beauty and soon begin stomping their feet. The massage continues. The humans that have stayed and learned to ride the waves and stomp less seem to delight in the way the island has fooled you into believing that if you stomp often things will come faster, for they know things will come when the island is good and ready to give them to you and they just say “stomp away, the island is loving it”. You keep stomping and realize you are chasing what you want further away. Eventually you learn that when the stomping slows down and either comes to a complete standstill or maybe a slow roll, you make it possible for things you want to jump on board your imaginary ride.
You fling yourself back to the mainland to get your way. And you do get your way in some small areas. Like a hot bath, you bathe in the supermarkets selections and small price tags, you bathe in the movies and California Pizza’s and tropical smoothies. You bathe in the easy freeways and straight roads. But the memory of water begins to cloud up and get cold. The crystal clear water with its rhythmic flow is not in your reach. The stars so bright no longer shine for you. The song of the night air with the frogs and birds, no longer sings for your ears. The familiar faces you once saw on a daily basis only come out on Fridays and Sundays at the local drum circles. Your heart aches for what is real, alive and raw. You are ready for the horrible roads, the itchy skin and the substandard food knowing your soul will be feed and soothed. It is a compromise you are ready to swan dive into. You know somedays you will soar and somedays you will flop. You grit and get it for now till you forget what you get and you go away to remember.
Balance for some, for others a constant grate rubbing them raw till they bleed. They didn’t balance and they bleed. Some never heal. You can see it in their sick bodies. This island is not kind when you don’t balance. It will grate you and you will bleed. It supplies all the necessary herbs to heal. Healing herbs like: Water, bush, fruit, sun, friendship. But you don’t take the hearts, you reach for the poison: too much alcohol, too much looking down, too much hiding, too little connection with emotion, locking it away or filing in the wrong drawer. Filing sadness and disappointment into anger, confusion into self abuse and rejection into isolation. Choosing to see those that are different as wrong verses honoring our differences. These are the things that make some bleed. The wound turns to puss, oozing out of bodies in not so pretty ways.
This is a choice some pretend is shackled to them when they have the key hidden inside them.
You can tell who has learned to balance. Their bodies are light and strong. They swim or hike or bike or run or walk with ease. They talk in stride with little rush to say anything. They know real language is in movement and not sound. Sound can be fun, almost a game but they know true language is in soft wind and gentle rain, in the hurricane and falling rocks. True language is in the dance of life, the connection of a shared task.
They is You.
The world finds it interesting you are still here but make no mistake, it does not care if you are gone.

“So Hot” yoga conversation

rising and expanding
rising and expanding

I love a good debate. A lot of people bring their heart into debates. Some ego often finds its way too along with anger and sorrow, pick me up moments and laughter.
We live in a era where good conversation not only happens among friends at a coffee shop or dog park but online in some type of forum. These days the most common place is Facebook.—[I have been posting in this blog for almost ten years now. I know when I started, Facebook was not the place it is today and I know it will not be the same in the future but for now I have adapted and found the good in it.]

Here is the question posted in a Yoga Teacher Facebook Page I belong to:
How many of you have encountered the “it’s too hot!” student in your class? I think I have several at both of the places I teach. They are all middle-older aged women. They will literally yell out during class “it’s hot” or as I’m teaching start aggressively waving their hands in their face and making eye contact with me so that I acknowledge they are feeling warm. Has anyone been asked “can you turn on the air?”. I’m trying to find more creative ways to tell them no I will not turn on the air when it’s only 75 in the studio and everyone else is fine. I think this behavior is difficult for me to understand because I would never do something like that as a student. I’ve had some women tell me they are going through menopause and have hot flashes and in that case I will them to take a break when needed, or exhale out of their mouth…etc. I even have a student with MS who brings in a small quiet personal fan and I am totally fine with that. But why do they feel the need to announce it to the whole class and how can I try to nip this behavior in the bud in a kind and loving way? Haha 🙂

I was quick to react to the comments about “Maybe they are in the wrong class?” “People are so rude” “our studio has a lot of women like that too” “Lots of people r just plain rude… I teach yoga and have hot flashes too … for years actually and basically I just deal with it quietly. ”

Luckily, I only reacted in my mind. I slowed down, reread question and saw most replies were very helpful.  I still felt compelled to respond, adding my part to the debate.

my response:

Jeanie Williamson
Jeanie Williamson I think a woman speaking up, letting a teacher know what they need is a good thing. We teach opening the throat Chakra and that includes expressing our needs. The same as if someone said their shoulder hurt. Menopause is real and a right of passage for every woman. Hot flashes go with the package. It is another body adjustment just like our periods. When a woman is flowing and it is time to do a head stand we address it in class. Don’t be afraid to mention proper ways to care for a hot flash. What yoga pose is good for this if the flash occurs in class? If you don’t know make it a class challenge. Ask the student what she thinks would feel good. Most yoga postures were formulated by men. Time to add a hot flash pose.
Here are responses to my response:
Anne:  Thank you. Apparently I’m feeling very sensitive to the original comment here. Until one goes through menopause you can have no idea what it is like to have a hot flash.
Joyce: i agree, i was chuckling when i read this post. i thought, “everyone is so young here, they just don’t know, just wait until it’s *your* turn!”  wink emoticon having said that, i will share some of my solutions at the bottom of this post..
Kelli:“Speaking up” kindly and politely before/after class is one thing. To complain loudly during class and calling attention to yourself is NOT welcome.
Feeling a little prickly again so new response:
Jeanie Williamson A lot of things in life aren’t welcome but oops here they are and we have to deal with it. There lies the challange. Do we deal with compassion or with denial and exclusion. The interesting thing is we all have different tolerances and annoyances depending on factors like how we were raised, current society norms, things that have hurt us in past. So what seems like cutesy to one may never even enter another’s thoughts. Tolerance is so important right now. We need big doses of tolerance mixes with even bigger doses of love. It is a Hugh melting pot and being a teacher is a continual lesson, for both teacher and student actually.
 Joyce  chimed in again: Jeanie, LOVE that, thank you!!
In the end their was big love for me. Isn’t that what we all are seeking. Big Love.
True but life comes with time, I have time on my hands and wisdom that can hopefully sooth another the way their wisdom soothes me. For me it is all about expanding and shrinking and expanding and observing the process, like a good baker who mixes love in with every batch.
This blog is my love drops.
Hope you enjoy!


Rub it in there face? How will this help.


Can we talk about this? When you are in a bad relationship and you need to break up or do break up, I hear women constantly say, “go out and look fabulous and rub it in his face.”
Here is my question?
Why would you want to rub something in his face. Why would you put the negative energy out first off. If he has done something you can not live with, why would you put any energy into him any more. Zillion’s of things to put energy into and really putting a drop of energy into this, barring separating yourself from him, will not be worth the energy. Sorry but I just don’t understand the value in rubbing something in his face.
Wild women need to be wise women. (This post was written for women but can easily be reversed)
We need to speak out but remember…words can create pollution just like toxins in water. Words carry energy. We are the ones that can charge our world with either positive or negative energy. Every thought we have, every word we say creates an energetic wave that reaches very far.
When people are mean, don’t be mean back. That creates pollution. What is needed is more love to drown out the negative wave. The loving wave will take over. The change is not in the hands of our world leaders, the change is every moment each one of us loves ourselves and each other.
So if someone is being mean to you, move out of the way, if you can’t move then keep sending love. This can be quiet. But sending out hate is not the answer. There must be a reason this person did something mean to you. This person must be hurting some how and they feel they need to hurt another so they are not alone.
Step out of their path but send them love.
Does this make sense to you and could you chime in on it?
Can we begin to heal?

Drum Circle anyone?

Community Drum Circle
Community Drum Circle

How long have you been drumming? Would love to have a running chat about this.

I started drumming Community Drum Circle style about four years ago. Before that I would jam on the new moon with some women folk, took a few classes with Olabayo, a Nigerian Drum Master, drummed with a friend to boost the morale of people running and walking the St John 8 Tuff Miles back in 2003. I must say I really had no experience with open drumming before I joined a few others in starting the Fort Myers Drum Circle. I heard there was a circle for 10 years before we organized this one. They had faded out their Saturday circle for one rumored reason or another. Still not clear what happened but very clear it was not happening. We did not even know that circle existed when we decided to start a drum circle. We just knew we wanted to drum.

There were about 6 of us that would consistently meet and struggle to connect. We felt something powerful happening so we kept at it. Week after week we would meet. For over two years folks would straggle in and out. At times it felt strained, at times it resonated easily and melodically. Ah!

It has been four years now and folks show up every Sunday ready to drum. Lots of folks. But not just to drum, there are poi and hoops, lawn chairs just to watch, blankets spread out to relax and play. Lots of infants, toddlers, children, adults and seniors. Folks in wheelchairs and bicycles, roller blades and motorcycles. We even had a man show up every week to make us all snow cones till the cops told him it was a no go. Food Not Bombs comes every week and feeds all that want to eat a wholesome vegetarian meal. And many stay to drum.

Some people come that I have never spoke to. There are so many now there is not enough time to drum and chat to all. I do make time to hug and chat to some. I now know many people I would have never met had it not been for our circle. I would love to know what motivates everyone to come week after week. I have read post by some on Facebook and hear them say how this is the highlight of their week. That makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Happiness is a gift. Happy community connections is what a drum circle is all about. The beats are secondary.

I see drum circles popping up everywhere these days. I am always happy to hear someone is starting a drum circle. Many people call me asking if we can do a drum circle at this event or that. I love it. To me, every community needs this. You can’t have enough drum circles. The closer a circle, the better. It means more healing will happen for more folks.

So I will repeat the question at the beginning of this post. How long have you been drumming? Is there a drum circle close to you? What motivates you to attend a drum circle?

A Hawkfest Drum and Dance Festival for the New Year

One of Bonita Springs biggest drum festival is around the corner again. This is a big deal to many drum enthusiast. Looking forward to some great drumming once again.
Hawkfest Florida Feb 19-22, 2015

Click here for Facebook event. for more details.

Bonita Springs Hawkfest soon come

One of Bonita Springs biggest drum festival is around the corner again. This is a big deal to many drum enthusiast. Looking forward to some great drumming once again.
Hawkfest Yule Dec.4th -7

Click here for Facebook event. for more details.

Jerome will be doing the food vending again.
Jerome’s Troquet MenuJerome’s
Cheese Burger $6- Beef Pattie, Cheddar cheese, hydroponic lettuce, tomato, red onion, Spice’s, homemade garlic mayo
Jerome’s Deluxe Burger $9- Beef Pattie, Goat cheese, hydroponic lettuce, tomato, red onion, Spice’s, homemade garlic mayo
Veggie Burger $6- Organic corn base Pattie served on whole-wheat bread bun with hydroponic lettuce, organic baby spinach, tomato, red onion, homemade balsamic vinegardressing on French baguette.
Jerome’s grilled chicken Salad $7- Grilled Chicken breast marinated in olive oil garlic and fresh herbs, hydroponic lettuce, organic babyspinach, tomato, red onion, homemade balsamic vinegar dressing
Jerome’s Grilled Salmon salad $9- Grilled Salmon filet marinated in aged balsamic vinegar, served with hydroponic lettuce, organic babyspinach, tomato, red onion, homemade mandarin white balsamic dressing
Omelette $6 -3 eggs omeletteChoice of cheddar, fresh mozzarella or goat cheese Served with baby organic spinach.Ketchup, mustard, Mayo and sweet relish available at no cost.Choice of sesame bun or whole wheat bun for the burgers. Add $1 for 2 slice of bacon to any items.
Magnum ice cream (Haagen dazs)$3$3 Red bull $1 Coffee- $2 Coke $2 Gatorade-$2 Sprite$2 green tea bottle$1 Water bottleth!