A drum is not just a drum.

In the beginning a drum is just a drum,

and drumming is just drumming.

Very simple.

Then when one starts drumming,

one learns all its subtleties.

the rhythm,

the stance,

the rapport between drummers–

a drum is not just a drum,

and drumming is not just drumming.


Drum is the most seductive musical instrument.

It’s rhythm reminds us of our beating heart.

It’s sound clears our mind.

We let go of our rational self.

Drumstick up (hand up)–the heart flutters.

Drumstick down (hand down)–the mind awakens.

The next stage.

One grows with time and perseverance.

The mind and body become one.

The drummer is one with the drum.

A drum is still a drum

and drumming is still drumming.

We train in martial arts (yoga) not to conquer others

but to conquer ourselves–

our lack of focus,





All these are our biggest enemies.


A thousand different techniques,

to stive for the moment,

When you’re not trying to conquer the drum,

then your ready

for the Holy Drum.

From the movie The drummer. A foreign movie by Director Kenneth Bi. 

The Drummer
From the movie The Drummer

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