Who is GypsyChant?

My name is Jeanie and I go by GypsyChant  in my post. I have four children I gave birth to,  four more I was a summer parent to and one more that rode in for a couple high school years. They have mostly shaped who I am for the past 32 years. I have been and sometimes still am a drum facilitator, jewelry maker, midwife, childbirth educator, yoga instructor, house builder, owner of a children store and reggae store, mother, sister, daughter. All of this does not define who I am; it just describes where I’ve been.

Starbo and Jeanie (GypsyChant)

I love the gypsy life and in the past lived it to the fullest. My gypsy life now is mostly in my writing. My feet are grounded in Bonita Springs where an inner gypsy is celebrating her dance.

I am happy to take this journey with all of you. I love to connect with my community near and far. Please join in the conversation. The world wants to connect with the inner gypsy in all of us. Your voice is important, meaningful and adds so much to the rhythmic vibration, so please leave your comments.

GypsyChant drums

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  1. Looking for a few drummers for my July 17 sermon at All Faiths Unitarian in Fort Myers to go along with my South African sermon. Can you contact me?

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