My hope for this blog

Have fun growing with me. This is my connection to the world. I am sharing what I know. I am hoping you all will send me your connections to what you have found. This community is full of love, sometimes ego’s rear their head but that is how we learn what each of us needs or thinks we need. In the end, when all the dust has settled, we go back to the truth of each human core…we want a real heart connection. Connecting our heart beat is part of the healing.

I will share my stories that have carried me through the years. One love is something I have often heard spoken, even sung. I hope connections will be made that will further permeate ONE LOVE into our hearts. I would like this site to enhance the balance of not only the earth but also the entrance to my heart. May I walk with balanced feet all the way to my very core existence.

 Mother Earth Parenting  is another blog I write. It is about parenting instincts. It is a path to my book I am writing called Tales of an Island Midwife.

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