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Chanting, my first love

Twenty Seven minute of meditation. Not silent meditation. This is a different, but just as effective, meditation. A repeating of a sacred chant full of sacred words that create a stillness thru repetition. A stillness of busy thoughts full of worries and other things not productive to keeping house in the realm of spirit within the  soul.

I like to work on understanding the flow of the words; how they sound, how each letter connects with the other and what movement the mouth can make to create these words that are not natural to me, words that when spoken over and over miraculously become second nature to me.

The first time I heard this chant it felt as if I was tasting honey dripping from fresh ferns in the New Zealand forest. I twist my tongue around the words and stumbled terribly. I didn’t give up. I talked them thru to my brain, syllable by syllable, till my Brain can no longer spit them back in my face. After hours or days of sips and taste, spoonfuls then bowlfuls, my brain has no choice but to fully digest the words, then the paragraphs till the honey flows from my mouth.

Won’t you join me in this magical journey of pure surrender.

The words of Love are available to all. Call them to you; allow that pure vibration that is Love to surround you .

Chanting is a form of Love being sung in repetition.

This feels pure and sweet because–simply put: it is pure and sweet.

Deva Premal, Gayatri Mantra

Om bhur bhuvah svaha
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

I need to write two special paragraphs to those that have been taught to fear what is not their way of knowing their God. Some may fear they are surrendering into the unknown, fearing darkness may be hiding, waiting to pounce on the weak when you are in a territory that is not where you grew up. Know that you are not weak.  You are not weak when you hear something that you know feels pure. You are not being lured to a dark force by the sweet sounds. If you have been told this story, know that that was told to you by a dark force that wants to keep you safely in its grip. Think about this with your own mind for a minute, not from a fear standpoint that has been drilled into your head from this or that…you know what I am referring to. Think about this. Did it feel good when you were being told to fear everything that was not them? There are many ways to enter into the Kingdom of _____ (fill in the blank).

Every human on earth has connected with the spirit of love. For some it has been fleeting, for others-they have been able to bath in it. But once human, you know it is there.  I always had a hard time believing there is only one right way to that Kingdom of Love. This is not possible that only certain people would be privy to this information and others could only hope to meet someone someday that could tell them about the “right” way to get into that Kingdom. How could that be Love? To make some have it and others not. The truth has to be that the real Love is available in every seed, flower, tree, rock, critter, human on every continent on earth. It is taught by stories of parting seas, turtles backs, blue men riding tigers, lightning bolting from the sky, magic rings and talking snakes. The love is in these stories. Sometimes that love story may be part of protecting a young child from wondering off or it may be a story of how important it is to be kind to your fellow human. Some stories get passed down and changed as they move along. Changed with fear and hatred written in them. You can hear the fear and hatred…so toss them aside. Some stories were written with fear and hatred from the very beginning..toss those aside too. Trust the goodness inside to know Love as Love.   Yes the Kingdom of Love is spoken in all languages and by all walks of mankind.

I will release the last two paragraphs to the wind. Like paper flung into trees, may they get flung into the consciousness of anyone that needs to hear them.

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  1. The Gayatri Is my Most Favorite.. I have done some research and it is likened to evoking the violet flame.. I have run group meditations around this.. I think of the violet flame like my magic eraser.. It cleans the slate so that life can begin anew.. !~

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