Cutting Hair

A short play by me

Mother cutting sons hair.

”You know your mothers crazy.” say’s mother

Mother using hair trimmer on son, concentrating on what she is doing.

“You talking about Granma?” son says, not moving.

“I mean your mother.” Mother repeats as she gets out the scissors to trim the rough edges.

“I know.” Son says after a timid pause,

Then mother calmly says, “I have to live a crazy life to survive my craziness. I can’t be living this normal life, it makes me crazy. Living in suburbia. Doing the same old things they do in suburbia like shop and go to the movies and eat out all the time.”

“That’s what your doing now,” son says while staring in the mirror to keep a watchful eye.

”I know, and it’s driving me crazy.

I need to live my crazy life so I feel normal,” As she calmly put the scissors down.

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