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Drum Circle anyone?

Community Drum Circle
Community Drum Circle

How long have you been drumming? Would love to have a running chat about this.

I started drumming Community Drum Circle style about four years ago. Before that I would jam on the new moon with some women folk, took a few classes with Olabayo, a Nigerian Drum Master, drummed with a friend to boost the morale of people running and walking the St John 8 Tuff Miles back in 2003. I must say I really had no experience with open drumming before I joined a few others in starting the Fort Myers Drum Circle. I heard there was a circle for 10 years before we organized this one. They had faded out their Saturday circle for one rumored reason or another. Still not clear what happened but very clear it was not happening. We did not even know that circle existed when we decided to start a drum circle. We just knew we wanted to drum.

There were about 6 of us that would consistently meet and struggle to connect. We felt something powerful happening so we kept at it. Week after week we would meet. For over two years folks would straggle in and out. At times it felt strained, at times it resonated easily and melodically. Ah!

It has been four years now and folks show up every Sunday ready to drum. Lots of folks. But not just to drum, there are poi and hoops, lawn chairs just to watch, blankets spread out to relax and play. Lots of infants, toddlers, children, adults and seniors. Folks in wheelchairs and bicycles, roller blades and motorcycles. We even had a man show up every week to make us all snow cones till the cops told him it was a no go. Food Not Bombs comes every week and feeds all that want to eat a wholesome vegetarian meal. And many stay to drum.

Some people come that I have never spoke to. There are so many now there is not enough time to drum and chat to all. I do make time to hug and chat to some. I now know many people I would have never met had it not been for our circle. I would love to know what motivates everyone to come week after week. I have read post by some on Facebook and hear them say how this is the highlight of their week. That makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Happiness is a gift. Happy community connections is what a drum circle is all about. The beats are secondary.

I see drum circles popping up everywhere these days. I am always happy to hear someone is starting a drum circle. Many people call me asking if we can do a drum circle at this event or that. I love it. To me, every community needs this. You can’t have enough drum circles. The closer a circle, the better. It means more healing will happen for more folks.

So I will repeat the question at the beginning of this post. How long have you been drumming? Is there a drum circle close to you? What motivates you to attend a drum circle?

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