Drum Festivals in Bonita Springs, Florida

Hawkfest Drum Circle

Hawkfest is coming up Feb 20th at Summerland in Bonita Springs, Florida.

A great drum festival. It brings in the big guys (and girls).  Huge bonfire with lots of djuns and djembes and belly dancers and fire dancers and hoopers and venders and and and….

John Nighthawk Smith recently had a massive heart attack and is in recovery. He is the originator and driving force for this festival. Many have stepped up to keep the festival happening. They have also stepped up to help raise money for his medical bills. It is called Team Nighthawk.  Here is the FB page to connect you to all-There are 4 Hawkfest around the country per year. Here is FB page to the Florida Festival only.

Summerland is on Kent Rd off Terry Street in Bonita Springs.   27501 Kent Road

Here is what I found on web. There webpage is not working so I am finding info from other sites.

summerland is privately owned land located in Bonita Springs, FL. It is very wooded and has trails that occasionally open into tent camping areas. The site is limited to 300 Guests. Please pack out what you pack in. We like to leave a place cleaner than we found it.

Camping fun, beautiful, shady, and VERY primitive! BUT there are HOT showers 24/7.  NO electricity is available for the campsites (time to leave those laptops at home!) and there is only limited electricity available for Vendors.

There are no RV hookups. No cars will be allowed at campsites. You can bring your vehicle in, unload, and then move the car to a private parking area across from the festival site. We are expecting a record crowd this year, and want to keep the site lovely, and available for camping…not parking!

ABOVE GROUND Fire Pits and fire torches are permitted, but must be attended at all times. If you leave your site, you must extinguish the fire and/or torches. This is to provide for your safety, and to protect our Mother’s gift of a beautiful woodland site.

Since tent camping is available to the first 300 hundred people, arriving early is in your best interest, this years Hawkfest is sure to be a sell-out crowd!

Entry fees:

Currently all tickets will be sold at the gate.
(no credit card & no checks will be accepted)

FULL FESTIVAL PRICE: $40.00 per person/18 or over (seasoned veterans excluded with parent/guardian )

VENDOR FEE: $30.00

DAY PASSES are available for any SINGLE day from Noon until 2:00 AM the following morning: $25.00. If you decide to stay after 2:00 AM, there will be an additional $15 charge which allows you to stay for the rest of the event.
After 4:00 PM Saturday: overnight stay: $30.00 per person

BEFORE/AFTER: Early arrival is permitted after noon on Wednesday at a charge of $10/person. ALL Participants must be off-site by 2pm on Sunday!

WRISTBANDS : must be worn and visible at all times. We ask your cooperation with our staff if they request to see your wristband. Remember, they are doing their jobs serving the Hawkfesters

Drum/Dance Altar

Please remember that there will be a Drum/Dance Altar both Friday and Saturday nights.
It would be appreciated if you would bring items to the drum circle at least an hour before dark.
Possible contributions include: cloth, blankets, rugs, tables, hay bales, candles, flowers, fruits, drinks, granola bars, and other midnight snacks.

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