End of Time?

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Do you think this is the end of times? Actually it is a boat burning in Key west in 1983

This was written after reading in the paper about a 13 year old youth that stabbed his 18 year old sister when she was beating on him. She did not survive. ┬áSomeone wrote, “This shows that we are living in the time of the end of the last days.”

My replay:

Not sure if this shows we are living in end of last days as there has always been violence since man became man.

For my children’s benefit I would not like to make them desperate thinking there is no future for them because this is the end of-times, I would rather think this is the beginning of something wonderful, a new time is around the corner here on earth. A new consciousness, not doom and gloom.

For every dark space there must be the balance of light waiting for us.

If we keep our minds open ready to see this light and not close our eyes tightly and then tell everyone, “Sorry, you are wrong, there was no light around the corner.”

Keep our heart open and our minds (eyes) open. Search and focus on the good in everyone we see. It is there, even if just a drop. Focus on that good, refuse to focus on the bad. What happens is the good grows. Really it does.

It is magic of the heart and mind. It just grows.

And it may be all it takes is for us all to notice and focus on the good in others for the good to overpower the bad. When we focus on the bad it too will grow.

I choose to see the all beautiful in others.


Now I just have to walk the talk. That is the real struggle.

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  1. Great piece Jeanie, I wish that I could walk my thoughts and talk (so little talking though these days) and be this too.. Hey we have a new chance every new moment of breath! YAY! Blessings. Funny cus I had another dream with you in it the other day and then we connect again!

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