Experiment # Fifty Four

pic 54 #
It is ok

Here she is observing thru reading glasses and a mirror, like a non-attached animal behavioral scientist would look at a live specimen.

  • How does aging mark the time?
  • Which line formed first?
  • Was it mother nature or the stressed out mind that created these crevices and grey hairs?
  • Is there a natural time frame where one finally accept the bodies cries and break down processes?
  • Will this temporary acceptance that the person in the mirror appears to have acquired last?

Imaginary notes are taken on what this subject feels.

There IS beauty still able to be found. The smile IS not twisted. The nose that has been at opposite ends with this specimens happiness scale is finally being accepted and loved.

Why is this happening and a better question yet, why did it take so long to happen?

Funny how this first time ever bleaching of the hair above the lip, after thirty-eight years of contemplation out of a total of fifty-four years on earth, produces the exact result always expected; a still hairy existence. But instead of brown hair, it is now blond and still obvious but satisfactory to the society around, which is really why the bleaching occurred, to satisfy society.

So many things about aging that were unexpected for the observer and the observed: the facial pours becoming larger, lips becoming less plump, eyebrows having hair in more locations that are not really where one thought eyebrows should go like in the corner of ones eyes, skin becoming drier with no real underlying moisture replenishing it, ninety-nine percent grey hair instead of the occasional streak of grey.

These are the sort of aging things that were not thought about until observed up close and personal. The wrinkles on the face were expected, not quite so soon; really expected they would wait another ten years but they seem to of had a different plan. The location of wrinkles was unexpected, like the rolling wrinkles above the knee cap.

There are some things the observed seem to rejoice over: the skin being extremely soft in places, that the mind is able to adjust to the aging which has proved so much better than the expected despair over aging, the new look still satisfying the inner mind, that the specimen is optimistic to carry these new features around like a new wardrobe and hopeful because so far the outfits have not been too painful to carry.

Eventually the scientist merges with the subject and they seem pretty harmonious. They both feel a deep gratitude and contentment with the work and play they have been honored to be engaged with this time around.

This is all an observation. One may call it a part in the movie called life, some call it the game of life but to be sure every second is as predictable as it is outrageous and multi faceted

This is an observation by one being that has multi faceted choices every second of existence. The reality of these thoughts, these choice create this one article to have meaning in an explosion of directions. Take from it what you will. Leave behind what you must.

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