ParaLounge Drum Festival in Ocala

Tim Brown brought this drum. largest drum I have ever played.
Tim Brown brought this drum. largest drum I have ever played.

This is happening this weekend. ParaLounge. It is well worth a last minute pull it together and go trip, in my opinion, if you like even one of these things on my list.

  •  new experiences
  • drumming
  • hooping
  • didges (didgeridoo)
  • being in a beautiful setting-despription-live oak trees with lots of moss hanging from limbs, lake and sunsets over lake.
  • lessons on dance, drum, flute, didge, facilitating drum circles, congas
  • waking up and hearing someone playing the duembek and wondering over  and jamming with them in your jammies.
  • bonfires into the wee hours with djun, djembe, fire spinners, hoopers, saxophones, cowbells, amazing dancers, one time dancers that finally got the nerve to let their bodies do their thing
  • lots of booths that sell lots of cool things like gemstones, clothes, jewelry, drums and some very interesting instruments, people that sell drum skins and even reskin you drum, hoops, henna, tee shirts.
  • lots of amazing conversations if you reach out with a simple hello and a heart smile.
  • dancing, lots of dancing (only if you want to)

So here are some of the questions I get.

  1.  I hate to sleep on ground. Are there other options?                                                                Yes, bring a blow up mattress and you won’t be on the ground. But seriously, there are hotels that are about a 15 minute drive away. I prefer to be in the thick of it so I get the whole immersion experience. It shifts my soul. It is like a deep spirit massage. But hey, Im gonna love a foot massage if I can’t get the whole body. So staying at a hotel is kinda like a foot massage verses the whole body.
  2. Is there a day price?                                                                                                                             They issue Friday to Sunday ($60) and Saturday to Sunday ($50) tickets. Go on Thursday and it is $10 additional. The price is not broke down any more that that so stop asking. lol. No for real. The camping is more or less free, an extra that is thrown in. The price is for the use of grounds and all the teachers and concerts they pull together. It does take a bit of planning as you all know. If you purchase tickets early you get $10 off. The week before the event is not early. I think it is like a month in advance.
  3. Can I cook at campsite and is there food there?                                                                        Yes you can cook at campsite with a camp stove. The fires are limited to certain areas for fire safety. Florida is usually dry and really just too much to monitor in my opinion. They have two venders for food and drink. A lovely man and his wife bring coffee and tea and hot chocolate and such  which is located in airplane hanger building (thats what I call it). There is also a kitchen that another vender uses to make lots of meals. Eggs, sandwiches, veggie dishes, lots of meats, and they also sell small bags of ice which makes me very happy. They had a zucchini hoagie type thing that was very tasty last time.
    I always bring hard boiled eggs, oranges and apples for drum circle, lots of drinking water, arugala for first day, carrots and hummus, and some sort of granola bar. I argue with Starbo every year over a small or large cooler. I usually win and we take a small one. I really do like to travel light.
  4. How do you bathe?                                                                                                                              Well I bring flip flops, a small towel and cream rinse. Walk to the showers in middle of campus and turn on the cold and hot water and take a very fast shower as not to waste water. If I get really hot I have been known to walk into showers, undress, get wet, put clothes back on and keep going like I never stopped.
  5. How to dress temperature wise?                                                                                                    Days will be hot and nights will be cold. 80’s in day and 60’s in night. Good sleeping bag or blanket is important. So is a good blow up mattress.

If you have more questions, check out my previous post about ParaLounge.

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