Paralounge May 2014

“Para” To go beyond – “Lounge” To sit or move in a relaxing way
When you go beyond relaxation, you reach the world of meditation. You find the place of self healing.
You find the instruments inside you, that keeps your internal rhythms healthy.

Workshop at Paralounge
Workshop at Paralounge

Paralounge-A very family friendly drum gathering in the beautiful Ocala National Forest.
What can I say…My favorite gathering of the year which by the way, happens two times a year.
Very well organized, Clinton and Sheila have done an amazing job putting this gathering together 24 times. There are “FRIENDS” tee-shirts with humans inside that you see walking around the whole time helping everyone enjoy the weekend. So thank a “friend” when you see one.
My favorite workshop is on Sunday called Rhythm Church. Not church in the preachy sense but church in the sense that it brings community together in an uplifting way.
Jana Broder brings Magic with her ever time. Never fails to create smiles on every face. She has a special workshop for the kids and they do a performance that breaks your heart in a good way.

Jana Broder at Paralounge
Jana Broder at Paralounge

Tam Tam Congo, Tuatha Dea, Iyabakoso, Jana Broder, Bonnie Brown, Michael Pluznick are the lineup for the weekend. Read more about them at the paralounge website below.

Martin "Greywolf" teaching djun djun
Martin “Greywolf” teaching djun djun

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