Paralounge Must Haves

Starbo under Paralounge sign.
Starbo under Paralounge sign.

Another epic weekend in the Ocala National Forest. A drum gathering like no other.


Family, friends, mini drum camps swirling to create a blend of magic and community I can only dream to live in year round some day.

Icing on the cake, my son and his girlfriend came this time. He didn’t reach till 4pm Saturday but still had plenty of time to connect with the vibe of the tribe.

The performers were off the charts, the instructors were so delicious I didn’t want to miss any, but yet I also didn’t want to miss swimming in the lake, holding the new babies, visiting all the venders booths, and just chilling in my lounge chair eating home made peanut butter  cookies and my special coconut date balls. Yum!

So I put together a list  for me of what I need to not forget next time in May. I am glad to share with all of you.

  • Warm sleeping gear. -I always forget that Ocala’s temperatures drop about 20 degrees at night and the air is very wet making for a very chilly sleeping situation.
  • Gallons of water and a reusable water bottle. – Drummers drink a lot of water. Also nice to not use the disposable cups at the coffee station that are not recyclable.
  • Food and a cooler- Hard boiled eggs are easy protein, spike and yeast to jazz everything up. Arugula is easy and hardy for greens. Lots of home made cookies, everyone eats them fast. Easy peel oranges, apples, bananas, grapes. Nuts of any kind. Hummus and carrots.  Organic corn chips.
  • They sell small bags of ice for $2.00 so that is not a problem. And lots of rice and veggies and beans for sale at little dinner. Lots of meat products for sale which is not of interest to me. Vegetarian options could improve a bit. They were always sold out of portabella mushroom pasta that I was craving.
  • Air Mattress. Geva forgot hers this time which caused her to retreat to the cabin with her mom and dad.
  • Chairs–lawn and drum– The drum circle has nice chairs but they go fast so we bring our drum chairs to the 9pm drum circle. No need for them in day as lots of chairs in main building where workshops are held.
  • Pack clothes in plastic bag in case it rains. Bathing suit, sorongs, jacket, night time dance by circle clothes, day time running around clothes, wake up in middle of night and pee skirt/dress.  Umbrella or rain gear…It does rain about every 3rd gathering–my scientific guesstimation.
  • Bug spray— They are only bad at sunset for about an hour.
  • Drum–This isn’t really critical. You would think it was but Jana Broder from Drum Magic brings drums and loans them out for weekend. Yes it is AMAZING that she does this.  I like to bring my doumbek also.
  • Hoops, didges, poi and any other toy/fun thing you like to hang out with. There are some peeps doing fire poi and staff at night in the field where the drum circle is.
  • Money, Cash and Credit card--There are lots of cool things to buy. I finally bought a Paralounge tank top from the wagon tie dye guy. He is there everytime. A fresh design awaits you at every Gathering. Last time I invested in a $60 flute. Best purchase of my life (almost). I can’t hit a note to save myself when singing but on the flute I can create beautiful sounds. I try to buy a gemstone from Sean at Peace, Love and Rocks every time.

If you can think of anything else, leave a comment for me and I will add it. The next Paralounge is in May so be there or be square. ; )

Our lovely camp visitors we met for first time.
Our lovely camp visitors we met for first time.


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