ParaLounge sent me over the edge crashing a few more walls of protection that keep trying to build up around me, opening my heart wide with a continuous flow of joy to all. My body didn’t quite keep up the pace.

Crashing now after sleeping in my car for two nights. I need a car that converts into a giant bed.

Love this sign


I envied the tent folks till the rain poured.
Tent friendship.

My first ParaLounge and all I can say is, “I never want to miss this festival, I loved it!”

I heard about this festival from a friend at my local drum circle. Stuart talked about it but had never been. I ask everyone I could think of if they wanted to go and no one did. Starbo was in the Islands working so it seemed I was on my own. This didn’t stop me. I mailed in my check for admission and two weeks later packed my car with a few basics and drove the four and a half hours up to Silver Springs Florida. I arrived on a Friday, missed Jana Broder’s workshop that I was really wanting to hear, parked my car that would be my home for the next three days and two nights, and entered the festival.

I felt happy all weekend. I never felt alone, I engaged in workshops, casual conversation and intimate conversation, ate plenty of good food, stimulated my senses with concert after concert,  joined in the drum circle till early morning, held a 3 week old baby for a good hour so his mama could relax, curled up on my yoga mat next to the drum circle to catch a few zzzzzzz’s so I could get back up and drum and dance some more then crashed in my car for the last hour of darkness then started all over around 10 the next morning.

I fell in love that weekend. I fell in love with ParaLounge.

This was in May of 2011.

It is now Oct 1st, 2013. In ten days I will be making the trek up toward Ocala, Florida for the 23rd Para Lounge and my Sixth ParaLounge Festival. I’m like a teenager ready to embark on spring break vacation with her besties. I am bursting with excitement. Thank you Clint and Sharee for eleven and a half years of vision and follow thru.


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