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Why rub it in their face? How will this help?


Can we talk about this? When you are in a bad relationship and you need to break up or do break up, I hear women constantly say, “go out and look fabulous and rub it in his face.”
Here is my question?
Why would you want to rub something in his face. Why would you put the negative energy out first off. If he has done something you can not live with, why would you put any energy into him any more. Zillion’s of things to put energy into and really putting a drop of energy into this, barring separating yourself from him, will not be worth the energy. Sorry but I just don’t understand the value in rubbing something in his face.
Wild women need to be wise women. (This post was written for women but can easily be reversed)
We need to speak out but remember…words can create pollution just like toxins in water. Words carry energy. We are the ones that can charge our world with either positive or negative energy. Every thought we have, every word we say creates an energetic wave that reaches very far.
When people are mean, don’t be mean back. That creates pollution. What is needed is more love to drown out the negative wave. The loving wave will take over. The change is not in the hands of our world leaders, the change is every moment each one of us loves ourselves and each other.
So if someone is being mean to you, move out of the way, if you can’t move then keep sending love. This can be quiet. But sending out hate is not the answer. There must be a reason this person did something mean to you. This person must be hurting some how and they feel they need to hurt another so they are not alone.
Step out of their path but send them love.
Does this make sense to you and could you chime in on it?
Can we begin to heal?

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  1. Someone commented on FB: “Revenge is an immature state of mind. Karma is the best revenge. Rising above and moving beyond is a mature state of mind.”
    This brings up the topic of trust. Trusting the perfection of the imperfect. I have seen many self help books be complicated. I love simplicity. It is such a simple way of thinking. Be nice.
    Because it heals way deeper and wider than anyone can grasp.

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