Sacred Drum Circle

Earth My Body

Earth my body, Water my blood,
Air my breath,
And fire my spirit…

Native People Drumming
Drumming long time 

Walking down the sandy earthen path, leaving the stress of traffic, concrete and structural conformity behind, we walk up the wooden steps of the Peace Pavilion created by Ellen Peterson. Sliding the wooden screen door made from wood cut from the very land I walk upon, I pass thru the mosquito curtain and enter the 40 foot octagon, resting my drum next to one of the chairs in the circle provided by the Happehatchee Center of Estero Florida.

I am the first to arrive. That is a good thing. I am preparing the space for many more that will arrive in the next hour. I sweep, light a candle and burn some sage, connect with the energy of the land that welcomes me.

Many more will come. We gather every fourth friday to honor our connection to the earth.

Like our brothers and sisters before us, we will look to the East and give thanks. We give thanks for the direction the east has held since time and space began. The rising sun, bringing in every new day, giving thanks for every day we get to connect within the Mother Earth’s red energy under the Father Sky’s embrace. We ask for Knowledge that will lead us to Peace.

We all turn to the South, holding our hands and arms out, reaching to the South for her windy yellow warmth, giving thanks for our strength, growth, and healing that is brought forth from this south wind and from the seed that we sow.

Turning to the West we give thanks for the setting sun and the color Black that represents the spirit world. We seek our spiritual wisdom from the West, asking  guidance from that wisdom.

Moving our bodies to the final direction, we face the North with open arms and hearts, allowing the white northern blanket to comfort us along with the Mother Earth. We call in the White Buffalo Calf Woman, Ptecincala Ska Wakan Winan. greeting her and all she brings to the circle. We seek endurance and health from the North.

Grounding the energy through our feet into the Earth, reaching our hands down, spiraling vibrations of every cell in our bodies to Mother Earth, we call in the green kingdom, humbled by our relation with all creature, plant and mineral, we pledge to respect and protect her.

We look to Father Sky, calling this energy down to connect with the earth. We connect with our Native Ancestors who have walked on the earth, asking for guidance to carry us forward in a heartfelt way with every breath we take.

Pulling all the positive energy that has gathered near, we bring it inside our solar plexus, the area where the ribs form an upside down “V”. Follow the downward curve of the rib cage back up to the throat chakra and we form an upside down heart. We focus our stillness into this heart center. We empty all that does not serve us, allowing the universe to cleanse any negative energy, like a stream cleanses the water. We allow the silence to still us, to create one steady rhythm with our breath. to bath in this stillness.

Creating a sound of Peace now, the circle opens as ONE.


Now the heartbeat begins as one.

The heartbeat of the sacred drum.

Sunset Drum
Sunset Drum


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