“So Hot” yoga conversation

rising and expanding
rising and expanding

I love a good debate. A lot of people bring their heart into debates. Some ego often finds its way too along with anger and sorrow, pick me up moments and laughter.
We live in a era where good conversation not only happens among friends at a coffee shop or dog park but online in some type of forum. These days the most common place is Facebook.—[I have been posting in this blog for almost ten years now. I know when I started, Facebook was not the place it is today and I know it will not be the same in the future but for now I have adapted and found the good in it.]

Here is the question posted in a Yoga Teacher Facebook Page I belong to:
How many of you have encountered the “it’s too hot!” student in your class? I think I have several at both of the places I teach. They are all middle-older aged women. They will literally yell out during class “it’s hot” or as I’m teaching start aggressively waving their hands in their face and making eye contact with me so that I acknowledge they are feeling warm. Has anyone been asked “can you turn on the air?”. I’m trying to find more creative ways to tell them no I will not turn on the air when it’s only 75 in the studio and everyone else is fine. I think this behavior is difficult for me to understand because I would never do something like that as a student. I’ve had some women tell me they are going through menopause and have hot flashes and in that case I will them to take a break when needed, or exhale out of their mouth…etc. I even have a student with MS who brings in a small quiet personal fan and I am totally fine with that. But why do they feel the need to announce it to the whole class and how can I try to nip this behavior in the bud in a kind and loving way? Haha ūüôā

I was quick to react to the comments about “Maybe they are in the wrong class?” “People are so rude” “our studio has a lot of women like that too” “Lots of people r just plain rude… I teach yoga and have hot flashes too … for years actually and basically I just deal with it quietly. ”

Luckily, I only reacted in my mind. I slowed down, reread question and saw most replies were very helpful.  I still felt compelled to respond, adding my part to the debate.

my response:

Jeanie Williamson
Jeanie Williamson¬†I think a woman speaking up, letting a teacher know what they need is a good thing. We teach opening the throat Chakra and that includes expressing our needs. The same as if someone said their shoulder hurt. Menopause is real and a right of passage for every woman. Hot flashes go with the package. It is another body adjustment just like our periods. When a woman is flowing and it is time to do a head stand we address it in class. Don’t be afraid to mention proper ways to care for a hot flash. What yoga pose is good for this if the flash occurs in class? If you don’t know make it a class challenge. Ask the student what she thinks would feel good. Most yoga postures were formulated by men. Time to add a hot flash pose.
Here are responses to my response:
Anne: ¬†Thank you. Apparently I’m feeling very sensitive to the original comment here. Until one goes through menopause you can have no idea what it is like to have a hot flash.
Joyce: i agree, i was chuckling when i read this post. i thought, “everyone is so young here, they just don’t know, just wait until it’s *your* turn!”¬†¬†wink emoticon¬†having said that, i will share some of my solutions at the bottom of this post..
Kelli:“Speaking up” kindly and politely before/after class is one thing. To complain loudly during class and calling attention to yourself is NOT welcome.
Feeling a little prickly again so new response:
Jeanie Williamson¬†A lot of things in life aren’t welcome but oops here they are and we have to deal with it. There lies the challange. Do we deal with compassion or with denial and exclusion. The interesting thing is we all have different tolerances and annoyances depending on factors like how we were raised, current society norms, things that have hurt us in past. So what seems like cutesy to one may never even enter another’s thoughts. Tolerance is so important right now. We need big doses of tolerance mixes with even bigger doses of love. It is a Hugh melting pot and being a teacher is a continual lesson, for both teacher and student actually.
 Joyce  chimed in again: Jeanie, LOVE that, thank you!!
In the end their was big love for me. Isn’t that what we all are seeking. Big Love.
True but life comes with time, I have time on my hands and wisdom that can hopefully sooth another the way their wisdom soothes me. For me it is all about expanding and shrinking and expanding and observing the process, like a good baker who mixes love in with every batch.
This blog is my love drops.
Hope you enjoy!


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