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The love comes from within

A friend who has been in an abusive relationship most her life reached out to me on Facebook. She is in a woman shelter. This sentence hooked me in and made me feel a need to share with others out there in hopes it hits a nerve and heals it.

  “I’ve always deserved something better than my life has been. I’m real love oriented and I really haven’t found that kind of love reciprocated this far in my life.”

This is what I had to say to her:

I feel I know you well. I know I know nothing about your actual life events but I know the deep inner workings of your sensitive soul. The day to day stuff is just that….stuff. It can be tossed out just like when you clean out your closet and get rid of stuff. People get confused with the day to day stuff and they hold onto it like hoarders. It is not a healthy thing. But deep down you are very loving and sensitive. You pick up on a lot of energy and you don’t protect yourself. You leave yourself wide open. Don’t get this confused with the heart. You want a wide open heart. You just want to put an energy hug around you. I’m talking about the very core, the very vibration of who you are, what makes your body tick. This is the energy I am speaking of. 
The thing is, you need to tap into your deep all knowing self to do this. It doesn’t take years to do this. It takes moments. Give yourself the right to go deep into you and all your energetic waves you so freely give to other. Give it to yourself. Give it to you. You are your own protector. You are your own lover. You are the one you have been waiting for.
Don’t stop loving others. Love them continuously. Let it pour out because that love never runs dry.
Your brother has been there for you at times but understand no one can be there for you as much as you like or need. Because we are in human form and we all need to be there for ourselves. Most are just not advanced enough to be there for others how all the cutsey-friend sayings go.
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It sounds good on paper and in songs but is unrealistic of our human bodies. So love your brother and sister and all who you feel have caused you wrong. Send them love and appreciation for all they have taught you, and in our twisted human way have tried to love you.
Now start to understand who you want to reach out to from this moment on. Who do you want to put your energy into (remember this is different than heart love). You only have so much energy to use every day. How do you want to use it. Be very clear with this. Write it out and look at it often, change it when you feel a need to change it. Tell the universe what type of life you want then every day take steps into that life. Simplify.
But remember this…you are a bright light. Use this light to love yourself. The love you get in this world needs to come from this light. When others lights come in contact with your light then feel it. Dance in it but don’t get confused. Their light is theres. You get to dance moments with them. Cherish the moments but know the light you shine is yours and it is the very best light and it is the very right light for you.
I hope this helps because I feel you were reaching out and I know you and I will always love you but I want you to not need my love because you have enough love to fill you up. I just want our loves and lights to dance together.

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