Women’s Group

This group is not meeting at this time. If you want to start a group near you then contact me. I will help you with the format.

Gathering to Remember

birth mandala

This group is about bringing a diverse group of women together with all their differences in life, allowing them to see how they can connect on so many core human concepts. 
What allows them to connect is the love in each heart for humankind. Women are the healers of the planet. We are the hope of the future. I often hear children are the hope of the future. I do believe this but children come from women and women raise these children: future men and women. 
So I challenge this group to be the strong, kind, fierce, loving women we are wired to be. 
This is why we are gathering. 
To remember.

file.jpgA long time ago woman had other womenin their village to connect with. They learned from the wise sages. Now we have separation in so many parts of our lives. It is comfortable and easy to retreat into our homesand watch our favorite TV show or read a good book. Nothing is wrong with this once in awhile but when we do it all the time we are missing our women connections that are so important to the health of the entire human race. We need to remember how to touch without thinking we need a degree or certificate in touching. We need to understand how to connect with basic instincts without first checking in with every book or blog post out their on the subject. I am not saying don’t get a degree or learn but we are overwhelmed with it to the point we are spinning. Not the good spinning that made a nice sweater or the beautiful dance. No..that is the good spinning where we focus intently. We are all over the place kinda spinning.
This weekly gathering is about remembering who we are as women, connecting as women. This is why there is no charge for this. This is a connection that comes from a very deep place, not from a certificate or degree. If we did charge we would all just be trading money equally because it is about sharing.
I hope to see all my woman friends at some point in the future. I am willing to open my house any night of the week for this. Say the date and if it is open then we can do it.
This is a drop in meeting. You can come one Tuesday a month or every Tuesday. It is what works for you.
Some of you will come to remember your fierce-ness. Others will come to get inspired to share your firece-ness.

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