For certain I will not be late for death

When I die, I’ll be on time.

Cleopatra by The Lumineers

I think it and minutes later I hear it. Happens so often I don’t even question it any more. My mind picks up the future minutes before it happens. I turn it into a story that suites my life, then life presents what I hear… Done.

Late at night my mind allows my mothers birth to flow into her death then flow further into my birth anticipating my death. Then this song follows. “When I die, I’ll be on time.” I will let you into a little secret, my mom thought I was late to everything…so… I dance this flow into the heavens till the rain brings it crashing to the earth… Done.

A silence comes at 2am that you can observe in the mountains that lay to rest behind the still dark waters of the bay. The boats are asleep thanks to the lull of the winds lullaby sung most nights. Tonight is one… Done
I am not silent or asleep. My wireless headphones bring song into my mind that connects me to my body when I take it out for a dance under the moonlight. A full moon night party that I invited me to. I am happy for this single party. I did not say singles, I said single like in singular. One… Done.

I start in flip flops. The uneven terrain that lies around my shack on the mountain only allows me ‘jumping’ dance-like moves. This is completly enjoyable but there is so much more that is possible with the switch from a loose flip flop to a solid tennis shoe. I carry my body back out under the moon in a loose tank top decorated with a dreamcatcher print and some black bikini underwear that cannot be seen, that is until I do my headstand. I grab the towel hanging on the clothesline, fold it and placed it on the earth. With rocks embed in my knees till they fall back to the earth once my feet are reaching to the moon, I look at the ocean upside down… Done.

I needed that headstand. I needed an hour of reckless dance. I needed the trance dance that moves the magic through my body, out my hands, grounding me to the sky and the earth in one full swoop…Done


Footnote: Magic is real when you open your mind to the reality of it. You might say the word ‘magic’ does not encompass this for you but I do not limit this word by your mind. My mind possibly has a different angle that is valid and real.
This works for me. You have free will to choose if it works for you. I do not care for your opinion on this. I am not choosing to debate you on this…

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